You can call me Master


FINALLY THE DAY HAS COME! Last week I graduated with my Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology!! WHAT! I could not be more grateful for the amazing people who have helped me get to this point in my life. Will has, without a doubt, been the most encouraging, loving, and servant heart of a husband I could ever imagine–I could not have made it through these last two years without him! Six years of school (4 bachelor, 2 master) did not come without its crazy challenges that tried my patience, work ethic, and emotions. There is no doubt that I grew so much, not only educationally, but as a person and learning how to persevere through what seemed impossible at times.

On Thursday, my grad class had our LAST party together, which was so bittersweet! After 2 years of blood, sweat, and tears together you become so close and it seems like second nature to be together. We had our Cinco De SLPiesta celebration with amazing mexican food (my fav) and lots of fun laughs. It was so great getting to celebrate with each other one last time as the GOLF class 🙂 After I got home from our party that night, Will had surprised me and cleaned the WHOLE house in preparation for our family to get there, little did I know he had ulterior motives…not 20 minutes later two of my best friends walked in my backdoor!! I was in SHOCK that they were so thoughtful and amazing to both drive all the way just to help me celebrate this accomplishment!!

Friday morning, my friend Kelsey and I got our last searcy starbucks run and headed to get our nails done! My family got into town shortly after leaving the nail place and we all started getting ready for my hooding ceremony. We had our ceremony that night where our professors presented us with our masters hoods and had a sweet little reception with food to celebrate.

Saturday afternoon we headed out to the ceremony one last time in the Benson Auditorium at Harding. I was a little sad to leave so this ceremony was definitely bittersweet! Will and I had spent our first two years of marriage in our sweet little searcy home, which we absolutely was it already time to move on!? The ceremony was beautiful and a great celebration. Afterward my family all came back to our little house one last time for an outdoor dinner (catered by none other than my favorite restaurant, Chueys).

This was no doubt one of my very favorite memories I have had so far. My husband, family, and best friends all came to help ME celebrate, so much more than I could ever ask for, I love each of them dearly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!