Cheers to 2017!

What a year 2016 was! Will and I were so incredibly blessed throughout this last year. Though it had its ups and downs, as any year does, it was one to remember. Here are ten things we do not want to forget about this year!

1. We bought our first house
2. We moved to a new city
3. We became residents of a new state
4. We bought our first car
5. (my favorite) we got our NASH puppy
6. Will was promoted to senior designer
7. I earned my master’s degree and started my FIRST job as an SLP
8. We celebrated two years of a wonderful marriage in Mexico
9. We went on an amazing ski trip with my sister, BIL and nephew
10. We learned a lot about love, forgiveness, and how to be a better servant

Now for the resolutions: here are 10 things we are either making resolutions for or looking forward to in 2017!

1. Pray more/spend more time in reflection
2. Eat healthy and meal plan
3. Work out 4x per week (here we go BBG!)
4. Drink more WATER less coffee 
5. Work more on our home renovations
6. Traveling with family and friends
7. Going back to Europe after 5 very long years
8. Live more intentionally
9. Explore our new city
10. Learn something new

We are both so excited for the New Year and all it has to offer. The excitement of new beginnings always gets my blood flowing and I love having that ‘starting over’ phase to get a good reset on life and challenge myself to keep improving!

TIPS: Don’t over promise on resolutions  Will and I did that last year and nearly all of them fell through. This year we were purposeful about the resolutions we choose and decided these were things we could accomplish! We set goals for each of us personally and some for us in our marriage. Here is to an amazing year full of joy in all circumstances.

October 25, 2016