We are homeowners!?

  • Katherine Krech
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  • Jun 30, 2016

YES! We are! We bought our FIRST house 🙂

Will and I moved to a new city just a couple weeks ago after buying our first house WHAT? It seems like every time I turn around we are doing something new and crazy that I feel we are too young to do, I guess that means we are officially adults, when did that happen!?

With only a few weeks left in my master’s program, will and I made this crazy decision to pursue his career with an amzing new opportunity. He was offered a Senior Designer position at an incredible company he had admired for years. With almost no hesitation on Will’s part, he knew this was the right decision. It may have taken me a little longer to come around, but, once we found a house it all fell perfectly into place.

My mother-in-law Susan and I drove up here for a couple of job interviews I had lined up. She so graciously offered to drive me and help look for houses, which was a huge blessing! We randomly stumbled across a house the night we got into town that was a ‘for sale by owner’. It was such a sweet little house. We quickly grabbed the flyer and called the number listed. The owner met us literally the next hour! We walked in and immediately both loved it (keep in mind Will is no here yet). We spoke with the owner about the property and before leaving we had told them we were looking at houses the next day but that we would be contacting them afterward. I facetimed Will and he loved it too, praise!

We kept our appointment the next day and neither of us liked any of the houses, nothing lived up to the first one! Driving home the following day, Will and I decided we should make an offer, why not, right!? well they ACCEPTED and before you knew it, we were under contract.

The whole experience was a whirlwind that perfectly worked out. God had his hand in this without question, how else could this work out so great!? So here we are, with our first house together and soaking up every second. Keep checking back as I will post the projects and updates we make to the house along the way!!


July 8, 2016