Projects: SHIPLAP

Will and I both LOVE the look and feel of shiplap! Anytime I see or walk into a house with shiplap, either painted or stained, I immediately feel at home. It makes a space feel so warm and cozy, and you need minimal decorations in a room with shiplap, because let’s face it, shiplap is decoration all on its own! We were a little surprised by the price of REAL shiplap when we starting looking for some to add to a couple places in our house. We decided we could recreate the look for a little less than the real thing and just put it directly on top of the dry wall using a nail gun.

We used plywood 2×8 sheets and cut them down to strips that were 12 inches in width. Will created a grid to determine how many pieces we would need to cover each spot we had decided to do. We used penny’s and painters tape to create the spaces between each board and used a nail gun to attach each piece to the wall. We ended up covering the bar area in the kitchen and the lower half of the entry hallway as well because it had a really ugly chair railing that was not put up in a straight line which kind of drove me crazy. We are also planning to add an accent shiplap wall to one of our guest rooms to make it feel warm and cozy…I’m so excited for the fun plans for that room! All of our faux shiplap was painted with Sherwin Williams Pure White Emerald Paint, which is also the color of the baseboards. I haven’t fully decided if I love the color of the shiplap or if I want to do a slightly different shade of white to stand out from the base boards….but for now I think its fine and Will did an amazing job installing it!! I was just his helper on this one, mainly to hold the boards and place the pennies… 🙂

Here are the other whites I am loving right now

Shoji White

P.S. I also think it would look really pretty to have a wood accent wall by the window in my kitchen!! Just another project to add to the list!

Tip: You can use different coins depending on the size gap you want between your boards. The easiest way to get straight line cuts is measuring out the width of each run you want and dividing that out by the width of the board. If you use Lowes (where we got ours) they have a free cutting service with a huge industrial saw that will create that perfectly straight line you are looking for. If you cut it yourself, it is more likely that the gaps will be different sizes and not meet up correctly because it is hard to cut an 8ft long board on a table saw.

July 8, 2016
January 1, 2017