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Projects: SHIPLAP

Will and I both LOVE the look and feel of shiplap! Anytime I see or walk into a house with shiplap, either painted or stained, I immediately feel at home. It makes a space feel so warm and cozy, and you need minimal decorations in a room with shiplap,…

Meet Nash

Another favorite day of mine–getting our long awaited puppy!!

Will and I both adore dogs. We have always been huge dog lovers and have dreamt about getting our own sweet puppy many many times. Our cute little house in searcy, however, did not allow pets (we…

We are homeowners!?

YES! We are! We bought our FIRST house 🙂

Will and I moved to a new city just a couple weeks ago after buying our first house WHAT? It seems like every time I turn around we are doing something new and crazy that I feel we are too young…